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Apr. 16, 14

01:23 PM

scribebynight - so do you want to change the world with me? how can I reach you?

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12:32 AM

I need someone who knows/loves calligraphy and wants to change the world. Any takers? Message me or hit up the comments.

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Apr. 15, 14

08:16 PM

I love this song because it’s one of the food songs where I can eat everything in it.

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Apr. 13, 14

05:32 PM

Me on the day before Passover. #Matztapation

Me on the day before Passover. #Matztapation

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05:00 PM

Guys! I feel like I just found a real life #Unicorn! #Gas #GasPrices #RoadTrip #Magic #Deal #Awesome #Car #Auto #Automobile

Guys! I feel like I just found a real life #Unicorn! #Gas #GasPrices #RoadTrip #Magic #Deal #Awesome #Car #Auto #Automobile

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Apr. 07, 14

04:52 AM

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Apr. 06, 14

10:15 PM


i’m dead with this face.


i’m dead with this face.

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Apr. 03, 14

08:13 PM

I just don’t buy it when anyone connected to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. says Fitz/Simmons will never hookup.

If they aren’t going to get together, why did the creators give them a Mashed Up Ship name in the FIRST EPISODE!


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Mar. 31, 14

12:10 AM

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Mar. 27, 14

12:51 PM

Brief: Local teen missing

Please Reblog

His name is Tony Garces.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Santa Monica Police Detective Leslie Trapnell at (310) 458-2256, - See more at:
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